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December 2023 Epicurean

The culinary team at Michael’s On East is challenged to create new dishes inspired by the world’s most exotic destinations each month. Join us to experience ever-changing, palate-pleasing global cuisine with Michael's Epicurean Adventures. We invite you to enjoy special wine pairings for $12 per glass or $20 for the pairing. 

The three-course dinner menu is available Tuesday through Saturday evenings for $46.95 per person.

Introducing our exquisite "Carolinas Inspired" menu, a culinary journey that captures the heart and soul of both North & South Carolina! From the smokey depths of classic Carolina barbecue to the fresh, coastal delights of the Atlantic, every bite promises an authentic taste of the region. Indulge in our signature Asheville Beer-Braised Buffalo Short Rib, slow-cooked to perfection or our Carolina Fried Chicken which is a true Southern comfort. And don’t forget our housemade desserts! Come and experience the warm hospitality and rich culinary heritage of the Carolinas with us – where every meal is more than just food, it's a celebration of culture and tradition! Michael, Terri, and our GCCC guests have traveled far and wide, by plane, ship and train, to bring you the most authentic international cuisine possible.

We hope you enjoy a taste of The Carolinas and join them in Tokyo 2024 aboard the brand new SilverSea Silver Nova 700 passenger cruise ship, 2025 in South Africa, or both!

JAPAN OCTOBER 1-15, 2024

Pinotage "Bushvine", Lievland Vineyards, Coastal Region, ZA, 2019