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Enhanced Safety Measures for Reopening


The health and well-being of our guests and Michael’s On East staff is - and has always been - our company’s top priority. We have always prided ourselves on going the “extra mile” in following all sanitation guidelines. While our dining rooms and event spaces were closed, it was important that we go to great lengths to educate ourselves and our staff on the latest procedures provided by the CDC and National Restaurant Association to ensure your safety whenever you are with us.  We decided to take extra time developing and instituting the additional safety procedures our loyal guests expect. 

We are delighted to continue serving our signature brand of Legendary Hospitality to our community, whether in our Restaurant or via Michael’s At Home. We look forward to welcoming you back home to Be Our Guest at Michael’s On East!

While You Were Gone, Here’s What We Have Done:

Implemented publicly accessible anti-viral hand sanitizer stations

santizer- We have installed hand sanitizer dispensers throughout the restaurant and we have also placed an individual hand sanitizer on each table to ensure guests and staff have easy access to keep themselves safe.


Hired a Professional Sanitation Service - Gorilla Kleen

gorilla kleen- The team at Gorilla Kleen provided a complete sanitization of our Restaurant, Wine Cellar, and Ballrooms using their ULV fogging equipment.

- This equipment sprays CDC-recommended sanitizers that are listed by the EPA as being effective against a broad range of viruses and bacteria, including the COVID-19 virus.

- The sanitizer also leaves a coating on the surfaces that can kill a new virus for up to a month or more and this process will be continued on a regular basis.


Deep Cleaning of Restaurant's Dining & Kitchen Areas 

2- Our Restaurant has been thoroughly deep-cleaned and we will continue to sanitize all shared and high-touch surfaces on a daily basis.

- We have allocated additional time for staff to deep clean the Restaurant's dining and kitchen areas each night after guests have left the building.

- Our kitchen and floors have always received a nightly high-temperature steam cleaning. Steam cleaners can rapidly go over every surface in a kitchen, getting into even the tiniest crevices or porous surfaces and swiftly lift and remove dirt, grease, bacteria, and more.


Worked to Keep Our MOE Family Healthy & Prepared

4- ALL staff have received elevated sanitation training and are all certified by the National Restaurant Association’s ServSafe program. 

- Prior to returning to work, ALL staff passed 2 rounds of COVID-19 testing. These tests are provided by Michael’s On East, at no cost to the staff.

- We will be closely monitoring our staff’s health with our new infrared contactless thermometers. All have their temperatures checked and logged before starting their shift.

- We have provided our staff with flexible call-out and time-off guidelines and will continue reinforcing our strict policy prohibiting employees from working while ill.


Spaced Out Dining Tables 

1We have removed 50% of our Restaurant seating capacity to create additional spacing between tables and comply with the CDC’s safety recommendation of 6 feet.



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